Pennwood Village wishes to ensure residents and families feel comfortable about discussing care issues and making comments, suggestions or complaints as these help to improve the practices of the facility.

Dysphagia and Aspirations

Dysphagia and aspirations are common among older people and are both associated with mortality and morbidity. We have a Speech Pathologist who monitors residents with dysphagia.

We contract Wellness and Lifestyle an external  contractor with many years of experience in Aged Care to diagnose, advise and train staff on how to manage Dysphagia.

Not only has this project improved the quality of lives of our residents we believe it is vital that families are kept well informed about the dangers of feeding residents who may be at risk.

Our kitchen staff are vigilant at ensuring that Residents receive the correct diet. Staff may have to intervene when relatives attempt to feed cakes or dry food cause s/he prefers it.

We as carers and you as family and friends have a duty to the Residents to ensure their time in care is as comfortable as possible.  None of us want to end up being dragged through The Coroners Court just because of a lack of knowledge or communication.

We hope we can all work together to ensure this does not happen.

It is now vitally important that you monitor visits to ensure s/he does not receive the incorrect consistency of food or drink. The correct consistency is usually pureed and the drink is mostly honey which is moderate to thick.

If there is any further information you require on this subject please do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers listed on the contact sheet here.

Residents Care Plans

The Registered Nurse (RN) looking after your Relatives Care Plan completes a review every four months and as required.

If you would like to speak to the RN or a staff member to view and discuss the care and or the resident’s current health status and future goals please ring to make an appointment.

The RN will be available on their regular shifts which can be found by contacting reception.

I would also like to remind you of our ” Have your say pamphlets” which are located at the front entrance (Administration) or please click here to download an electronic copy.

A suggestion box is located in blue day room to place your pamphlet.

The Chief Executive or Site Manager will respond to any Concerns or Compliments and will speak to relevant parties pertaining to the compliment/issue/suggestion and a response (final) will then be given to concerned parties.

Yours faithfully

The RN Reviewing Residents Care Plans