Facilities and Services

Pennwood Village has just unveiled it new wing consisting of 20 units 5 of which are suitable for couples. The partner does not require an ACAT assessment. So for couples wishing to stay together the situation is ideal. Pennwood has been delivering quality care since May 1993 and is run by the Serbian Community Welfare Association of SA.

The facilities are designed to provide excellence in culturally sensitive quality aged care services, with a commitment to providing the highest quality needs-based support to the elderly people of the community which appropriately addresses their cultural, spiritual and linguistic needs.

Pennwood Village is a fully accredited Commonwealth Funded Residential Aged Care Facility and is fully compliant with the Aged Care Act 1997,the Aged Care Standards and Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and continues to meet all aged care standards.

With a philosophy of involvement for all, the Board and Management of Serbian Community Welfare Association provides Residents with a quality lifestyle appropriate to their individual needs. It is important to recognise that the facilities are the Residents home, the Residents are recognised as individuals where staff and management are fully committed to accommodation and service excellence with a controlled continuous improvement strategy to help achieve complete comfort and satisfaction to the resident.

Staff at Pennwood Village have received training at Certificate III and IV level and are also working towards further qualifications in RN and EN qualifications and training. We have a photograph Board in our Foyer, which identifies staff names and position. As well as this the CE acknowledges pockets of excellence with an annual recognition award. The Recipient’s photograph then goes in the Reception area fondly referred to by staff as the Hall of Fame.

We also have a robust WHS and Quality control system, which relies on staff to complete internal checklists, hazard, complaints, incident reports, infection control, continuous improvement forms which are entered into an electronic QA system. The register integrates hazards, business continuity plans, CQI plans, complaints and can track corrective actions adverse events and claims. The system provides substantial resources savings by collating all risks and opportunities for improvement . This data is available for Stakeholders to view in the QA office and is discussed at Relative, Resident and Staff meetings.

We take our corporate public accountability and clinical governance very seriously. Our Annual Reports, Strategic and Business Plans are available for discussion. We pride ourselves in having few Workers Compensation claims, low absenteeism and have not used agency staff in many years.

It is very evident by the results of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency reports that we are performing well and achieving outstanding management, clinical, environmental and safety results, achieving full compliance of the required standards.

Over the past 5 years our financial affairs are performing positively to budget and program expectations. These financial performance results are outstanding given we are a not for profit organization.

Confidentiality & Security

Pennwood assures all residents that their security, privacy and confidentiality regarding information will be strictly maintained. Care Personnel are available on site services 24 hrs. per day. Personal suites are individually locked, and also contain internal lockable facilities for your convenience. You will be provided with a set of keys. Staff carry emergency RAA Alert equipment and mobile phones. Entry gates have coded access at all times, we have wandering alarm alert systems at the main entrances and visual surveillance equipment further monitors movement in the facility.

Care Services

Personal Care Staff will offer assistance and supervision as required with:

• Bathing, Showering, Dressing, Grooming, Transfers & Mobility.

• Eating/drinking, Special Diets (Cutting up/Vitamising of food if Required).

• Toileting and management of social continence (Sanitary aids may incur a cost).

• Medication Management and Rehabilitation Support.

• Medical treatments and procedures by qualified personnel.

• Support Services for resident’s suffering varying degrees of

confusion and cognitive impairment.


Each Suite has a private telephone point. Telephone connection may be

privately arrange with Telstra. Accounts are the responsibility of

respective residents.


Pennwood provides some interim furnishings if required. Residents are

encouraged to provide their own furnishings and homely sentimental items.

Pennwood provides all of the necessary linen from a contracted Linen Service.